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Sharon works with clients to create pieces that evoke deep personal meaning while staying true to her unique artistic style. Her art is a favorite for both home and yacht interior commission work.


“THE FRIDGE” is an original Swift art piece blending photorealism and pop art.



“THE JOURNEY” represents a clients journey of a yachting trip from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Mexico. On the way they encountered severe weather and THE JOURNEY became a visual that anything is possible!


A client submitted a webcam video of himself and son during a surf trip throughout the United States and Mexico. At his request, I was commisioned to capture a memorable moment of the trip to hang in their Sport Fish yacht!


Sharon Swift is an Australian-born artist and resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sharon paints to connect with herself, others and the world. Her paintings are a combination of styles, techniques and mediums. Her art draws inspiration from all observations, including nature, music, people, and all facets of design. These ideas are combined with asking questions to try and add clarity to the unknown both of our internal and external world and how they coincide. This encompasses a broad study which highlights emotions, our subconscious, color, beauty, chaos, movement, patterns and the process of art making. Sharon is frequently called upon to do commission work and has a client base throughout the world.

Please contact me for pricing and commission pieces.



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